Dangers of a Soon to Expire Passport


Renewals are done completely by the applicant. You use DS- Form 82 for the renewal process. This form can be found at www.passportsusa.com. If you are within one year of your US Passport expiring, make sure you do not travel on a passport with less than six months till expiration. In the last several years many countries, if not all, have adopted this rule.

This has happened due to citizens becoming stranded for months at time because of natural and man-made disasters. Typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, civil unrest, and political disruptions can all have an impact on exiting a country. In situations like this, go straight to the US Embassy. An expired passport can result in many weeks delay from being allowed to leave the country you are visiting.


You will need new passport photos, your most recent US Passport, photo copy of your current photo ID (driver’s license, military ID) front and back on the same page and a check or money order made payable to the Department of State for the current fee. At this time, the fee is $110.00. If you need to expedite your application, add the addition $60.00 for a total of $170.00.


Make sure you use black ink when filling out the application and don’t forget to sign it. When mailing your documents, US Priority Mail with tracking is highly recommended. This helps you and the Department of State keep things moving in a timely manner.


Happy traveling!

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