From 360 feet up…Would you? Could you? Dare to see Victoria Falls?…

Hanging out at Victoria Falls!!

…just inches from the edge!! A relatively safe rock pool. …situated at the top of the falls… an exhilarating adrenaline rush…

During the months of September and December, you’ll see swimmers, even families with kids enjoying a dip, just inches from the edge. They’re hardly suicidal as these pics show, and the shallow pool they’re flailing about in is called Devil’s Pool. It’s a natural, relatively safe rock pool situated at the top of the falls.
This creates ideal conditions for swimming, if you’re prepared to make a short leap of faith. Swimming just two inches from the edge in the midst of the thunderous roar of water all around you can make for an exhilarating adrenaline rush, and the photo opps are incredible.

Swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls

Swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls

If the footage is anything to go by, this is one of those “51 things to do before you die” kind of must-tries, no?

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