You can save any US Passport form to your computer but you cannot save a completed US Passport form you have to print it out.

  • Form DS-11Use this form for first time US Passport applications.
  • Form DS-82Use this form to renew your expired US Passport by mail.
  • From DS-60 Use this form to change your name.
  • Form DS-64 Use this form to report a stolen US Passport.
  • Form DS-10Use this form for statements from witness to your birth.
  • Form DS-5504 Use this form to correct errors on your US Passport.
  • Form DS-3053 Use this form to give consent for a US Passport to a child under 16.
  • Form DS-3077 Use this form to place your child in the Amber Alert Program.
  • Form DS-4085 Use this form to add visa pages to your US Passport.
  • Form DS-1173 Use this form to request info on a US Passport holder.

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